An A-Z of Chartism

Fancy a day in the company of Feargus O’Connor and his Chartist chums?  Ernest Jones will be there, scribbling away at his poetry … John Frost will be there, letting you into the secrets of the Newport Rising … Bronterre O’Brien will be there, having a good think about socialism … Thomas Cooper will be there, rowing with Feargus …

What a day it will be at the Birmingham & Midland Institute on Friday 26 October from 10.30  in the morning until 4 in the afternoon when we gather to think and talk about the Chartists.  In that six or so hours we plan to look at the whole story – why Chartism erupted, its leaders, its strategies, its journals, its poetry, the role of women and the key events from the strikes of summer 1842 to the great Kennington Common demonstration of 1848.

What a day it’ll be!  They’ll be letters and volumes of poetry signed by actual Chartists to peruse, newspapers, portraits & pamphlets to pass round,  readings of poetry, the singing of Chartist songs …

Sadly the planned appearance of Rebecca the Chartist cow won’t be taking place on account of the fact that she is no longer around … but other than that the day will be an A-Z of Chartism.

The Birmingham & Midland Institute is a beautiful late Victorian building located just 10 minutes walk from the city’s central railway station.  There is a cafe in the building where sandwich lunches & drinks  can be obtained.

The day will be led by Stephen Roberts, who has spent many years researching and writing about the Chartists.  Copies of his recent publication James Whateley and the Survival of Chartism will be available at 50% off for attendees … that is just £2,50!

This event costs £25 (£22 for members of the BMI)

Birmingham and Midland Institute, 9 Margaret Street, Birmingham B3 3BS

0121 236 3591

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