A New Bibliography of Chartism


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Hard to believe, but across the world enthusiastic researchers are beavering away trying to uncover yet more about the Chartists.  We might know a lot of stuff about them already but there’s more to know.  Already what has been found out about the Chartists has filled two volumes ,,, and now along comes another one.  This time rather than releasing the book as a pricey library hardback, it is coming out as an inexpensive paperback … in the hope that researchers will like the idea of investing in their own copy rather than having to trudge to the library.

What’s in this book?  Well, as before, there is a manuscript sources section.  The big find here has been correspondence & petitions concerning Frost, Williams & Jones, the three men transported after the Newport rising of 1839.  But that’s not all … yep, there’s more … diaries & letters from such keen Chartists as W.E. Adams, J.B. Leno & Thomas Cooper and sketches from Richard Doyle, of Punch fame.  There’s an entirely new section listing what can be found in the provincial newspapers of the late nineteenth century … including interviews with former Chartists, reports of the continued use of Chartist banners in reform demonstrations and many, many obituaries.  On top of all this, there is a complete listing of everything that has been written about the Chartists in the last quarter of a century … all the books, the articles & the theses … years of collective effort to recover the stories of British working people.

And all this for £7.99.  What can you get for £.7.99 these days?  You could get four copies of the Guardian … good idea.  You could get two pints of Guinness … another good idea.  You could get the bus & go & delve into the riches of the magnificent Library of Birmingham & then do the same thing the next day … also money well spent.  And for just £7.99 you can also order ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CHARTISM 1995-2018 from Amazon … a handily-sized book to peruse on the bus, in bed, in the bath &, of course, in your study.

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