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Bibliography of Chartism – Price Slashed!

What can you buy for a fiver?  A pint & a packet of crisps?   A latte & a copy of the Guardian?  A pair of nice red socks?

Yes, all of these things.  And now also …


which  can be ordered from Amazon for just £5.02.

That’s reduction of 35%!

With its attractive crimson cover, featuring the signature of Feargus O’Connor himself, this book will be an ornament on any book shelf.  But there’s an even better reason for ordering a copy … what you’ll find inside!

The new bibliography contains …

a listing of all new manuscript material discovered in the last two decades, including a mass of material relating to the Newport Rising and the papers of two Chartist leaders

details of the obituaries of c. 150 Chartists

every book, article and thesis written on the subject between 1995 & 2018

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CHARTISM … £5.02 from Amazon.  That’s 35% off!  You know it makes sense!